1) Today, some people work on Sunday, for convenience (taxis drivers, grocers), or by necessity (employees of an hospital).

2) The law wich allows to open the stores on Sunday tends toward an increase of the consumption, because we believe the consumption increases, develops, boosts the economic activity. The French government pretends that it respects the individual freedom.

We have to remember that : What I spend is what I have in my wallet. My consumption will not be more important but it will be laid on more time.

Moreover, if I apply for a job in a store, and if the manager tells me that this supermarket will probably open on Sunday, I have to accept this clause if I want to get this job.

3) On Sunday, all people like to rest, to do what they want, alone or with their families, to receive their friends or to be received by them. Sunday is also the time to pray, to go to church or temple.

Sunday is the privileged time to share.

How could we continue sharing with our friends or with our familiy if they don't have the same day to rest as I do?

Conclusion : This law conveys the hegemony of economy, and forgets that the center of the society is not money but men and women.


 Gérard LEROY, le 19 août 2009